squirtlefart asked:

She said that a year ago. meaning that she has changed a lot since then. havent you ever regretted something you said before? she apologized because she realises her actions were wrong and immature. saying sorry means that you regret your actions and want to move on. your post just made you look like an ass.

lethal-vixen answered:

You coming to back this bitch up as if you are God above me and have some sort of power to protect this bitch and justify her words is sick. The fact that you would dare come to me, a person of color, who is severely offended by user pizza’s words, and back her the fuck up like you are her spinal cord or some shit, is gross. Ass? Lemme show you ass. Being an ass is knowing what she said is wrong and letting it slide. That’s being an ass. As long as I fucking live, I will not let bull shit like that slide. That is JUSTIFY RACISM AND TOO MANY FUCKING PEOPLE HAVE DIED FOR THIS TO GO ON. SIT THE FUCK DOWN.